Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dr. Sears Books: The Baby Book and The Vaccine Book

Becoming a first time mother is overwhelming on so many different levels! For me, It was especially overwhelming to have to make decisions that could affect her health forever. I mean deciding whether or not her low grade fever combined with fussiness was due to a virus or a simple bout with teething was pretty stressful. I usually like to yield to the side of caution, but at the same time I didn't ever want to be known as "THAT mom" by the Doctor. I will admit that I did take my daughter into the Dr. office only to be told she was teething on more than one occasion, but I digress. Deciding on Vaccinating my newborn baby, in the height of vaccination debates, was even worse!!! It is just so hard to know, so much information to sift through, and so many sides of the coin to take into consideration.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on and I learned so much, and became a little more confident in my ability to make these decisions for my child. I will say though, I found (and still find) myself going back to the same two books over and over again.  Here they are:

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The Baby Book: this is a great go to resource for anything from pregnancy to behavior. I still use it to refer to things regarding my 3 1/2 yr old and I of course use it for my  1yr old. It is great information and easily laid out and organized in an easy to understand format. Fevers, Rashes, Sleep is all in there! I strongly recommend this to any new mom. It would be an excellent gift option.

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The Vaccine Book: This book helps to take a big sigh of relief! It is laid out in such an easy to follow format. All of the vaccines are explained in great detail as well as all of the childhood diseases the vaccines are given for. There are a few different vaccination schedules in there that you can choose to follow should you decide that you want to do a delayed schedule. I really enjoyed how the book gives all of the information and the statistics, but it does NOT give the Doctor's biased opinion at all. Just plain facts in a simple format so that you can interpret and make an educated decision. I carry this with me to each Dr. apt, and I reference it often. This book is great regardless of how you choose to handle vaccinations with your child because it also list all of the possible reactions caused by specific vaccinations. Overall, I think there is nothing better that a parent can do than to empower themselves with all of the facts and this book does a fair job of that without pushing anybody Else's opinions.

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