Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Much to do... putting the kids to work!!

It's that time of year, here is CA it is really warming up. It is Sunny and breezy and wonderful. The park down the street is calling our name, the water table outside looks so appealing for the kids, and the swimming pool will soon be just right. All this to say, that soon we will not want to be indoors at all so I have much to do in the line of spring cleaning.

This week I noticed that the baseboards were looking a little dusty, so this is first on my list to do. I researched a ton of different methods for cleaning  baseboards and found one I think will be simple enough, yet effective. I even figured out a way to have the kids help!!!
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Step 1- Vacuum baseboards

Step 2- Clean baseboards
1/4 cup of fabric softener
1 gallon of water
3 microfiber rags (1 for me and 1 for each kid)
With this method, you can easily clean any leftover dust or grime and repel any future dust since the fabric softener naturally repels static electricity (which attracts dust).

My kids are age 3 and 1, but I am noticing that when I am focused on a task or a chore, they seem to suddenly need my attention. I have found that if I can get them involved, they are a lot less likely to distract me from my housework. They are kept busy and out of trouble and I have some extra work company! It works for me!

Do you have any clever or easy tips for cleaning baseboards? Please share!!!

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