Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to reality, and oh so sad:(

I am part of a birth board. I joined it sometime during my 10 weeks on bed rest when I was pregnant with my daughter, she is almost four now. This is an amazing group of woman and we all have April 2007 babies. We have bonded together and even when babycenter switch formats and changed our birth board, we all migrated together over to another site and have been there together ever since. we have a sisterhood of around 200 mothers and I feel very close to many of the moms on the board. I have met many of them in real life and absolutely adore them.

While I was gone in Florida, tragedy struck our board. A fellow mom who also has a post 2007 baby, lost her baby girl to SIDS. I found out when I got back in town and was completely blindsided and devastated. Knowing this mom, Shannon, it just hits so close to home. She is the nicest and most loving mother. She is a great friend, one of those people who can lighten even the most darkest moment for others.Yet here I am, helpless and unable to offer her anything but online support and love from a far.

I am comforted by the fact this wonderful group of woman banned together and raised over $1800 to help pay for funeral expenses, they are sending care packages to Josh (the April 2007 baby big boy) for as long as they can manage it, and there were even a handful of the group that flew and drove to Oregon to be with Shannon tonight for the viewing and tomorrow for the funeral.

I feel lucky. Blessed to be part of such an amazing group of woman, I know they all care so deeply about one another (and me). Proud to know that Shannon is feeling the love during the terrible time. This group of woman is so amazing and they know how to come together when ever anyone is in need and Shannon deserves nothing less right now.

My anxiety has been out of control since I heard the news, and I can't help but wonder how things like this can happen to someone so wonderful. I have faith that the Lord has plans and that baby Reese is resting peacefully in his arms, but still when things like this happen to people I know...I feel heartbroken for their loss and have such a hard time recovering. I feel it so deeply and have a hard time sleeping.

I wish I could be with Shannon right now and give her a hug.

Baby Reese was an Angel on earth, and now she is an Angel in heaven.

Please continue to pray for Shannon, AJ, and sweet little Josh as they begin to move on. Pray for comfort and healing.

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